Fashion copywriters specialising in fashion, gifts
home & lifestyle, mail order, e-commerce & multi-channel retailers

Copywriting is my métier. I began writing direct mail pieces to advertising and marketing agencies for a celebrity booking agency (before the A-list even existed) and got great results. My first proper graduate job was as a mail order marketing assistant, then on to a fashion catalogue as their first ever in-house copywriter. I wrote everything from lingerie to furniture, systems letters to phone scripts. The double decade since has flown by in a whirl of word games for so many exceptional clients, mentoring young writers, fab start-ups and seeing content flourish.

Copywriting for fashion, gifts, home & lifestyle


From main stream mail order to niche online retailers, I have a passion for fashion - which I work out by writing aspirational product copy, editorial headlines, intros and concepts for ladieswear, menswear and kids. Saves me a fortune on shopping.


Shoes, boots, sandals, bags, earrings, necklaces, bangles, scarves, belts, hats
and all the fiddly bits in between. I adore
writing accessory copy because it's about
ideas, personalising your look and easy
finishing touches that we can buy into.


Everything I write these days pays homage to lifestyle. Whether it's what we eat, the exercise we take, how we spend our leisure time, relying on our lifestyle consultant to send flowers or where we'll take our next city break. I love holidays, activities and eating out. I don't get time for any of this of course, I'm a copywriter, but at least I get to write about them.


A lifelong passion for arts & crafts, salvage and retail has been realised by the building of Jim’s Yard, our rural business idyll in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Lincolnshire Wolds. A unique blend of working yard, antiques and salvage, offices, art gallery with workshops and boutique accommodation, it’s the sort of place I would travel miles to shop, visit and stay. Let’s hope others do too! 


Writing about gifts was once a chore. Remember engraved tankards and Bart Simpson bubble bath? Now I breeze through irresistible luxuries for home and boudoir, garden and urban home, often organic and usually from sustainable sources. Products with a credible story makes writing so much easier!


For many years I wrote for McCord and miss it. It had a unique place in UK mail order that was more like some of the US titles we all look to for inspiration but never quite replicate.
               If anyone is planning something                  similar: furniture, mirrors, home                     textiles, quirky gifts and                    fabulously photographed roomsets,
                     count me in.

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