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At Sarah Lamballe Copywriting we love finding gorgeous gifts for the home. We love it when clients ask us to write about them too. It's like shopping without the pricetag!

Culinary Concepts showcase their new tableware collections, home and garden accessories, lanterns and gifts at more than 10 of the UK's premier consumer exhibitions, as well as top department stores and their own store in Guildford. We write introductions to the lovely ranges to whet customers' appetites for wholesale and consumer retail and proofread the catalogues.

We all love browsing their gift collection for the classic and the quirky – everything from nautical lanterns to hard to find specialist cheese knives. It's become the favourite go-to site for many of us to find the perfect gift for our friends who are setting up a new home together. And there's always something new every season.

Right now we're in lust with the Woodland Collection and Botanical Leaf Bowls.



Why just take a quick shower when you can luxuriate in the most indulgent bathing ceremony?

Ever since we helped Abahna establish their brand story and tone of voice we have have been huge fans of their exclusive, luxury range of Bathing Products & Scented Candles.

Founder Claire Croft says a daily bathing ritual is one of life's simplest luxuries. All of us agree with her. The cleverly blended all natural ingredients used by Abahna transform daily bathing into a sublime ritual made tranquil and soothing or enriching and envigoratind depending on the fragrance you prefer.

We now prepare for the day ahead with energising White Grapefruit and May Chang shower gel and body lotion, or luxuriate at the end of another busy day at the copywriting coalface with sumptuously rich Lilac Rose & Geranium bath oil and body lotion.

Small wonder this innovative British luxury goods brand won a prestigious Walpole Brand of Tomorrow Award in 2010.

Proud and delighted to now be an Abahna stockist in Bricktree Gallery at Jim's Yard, Sarah's new  business in the Lincolnshire Wolds.



Nothing says timeless elegance like a beautiful bag from a bygone era, which is why Sacred Arm Candy is one of our go-to online boutiques for seeking out those wardrobe gems. Their stunning collection of vintage bags date as far back as the 1930s.

We at Sarah Lamballe Copywriting are huge worshippers of timeless style and one of our favourite vintage brands at the moment is Sacred Arm Candy, an online boutique that houses some of the world’s finest antique bags.

Sacred Arm Candy’s sophisticated collection of bags dates as far back as the 1930s, but our personal favourites are the beaded bags from the 1950s and 1960s. Completely unique, each bag looks like they’ve stepped out of a Billy Wilder film and instantly add a distinct touch to ordinary occasion wear.

Each bag is individually sourced from antique shops, salerooms and flea markets and those familiar with the process know that this is no mean feat. With vintage fashion ruling the UK mainstream for over a decade now, vintage gems are now increasingly difficult to find and so it’s hard not to appreciate the dedication gone into the sourcing of Sacred Arm Candy’s impressive collection.

As well as dedicating yourself to sourcing products, it pays to be wise about the market. Sacred Arm Candy fully understand their target market and so charge at reasonable prices, making them the ideal pieces for gifts, as well as special occasions. With Sacred Arm Candy, each bag is considered a style investment and each piece is sacred.



When it comes to sending out that all important birthday card or inviting friends and loved ones to an important event in your life, there’s no denying that there’s nothing more special than something premium and personalised. Honey Tree Publishing’s wide collection of stationery products has something distinctive for every occasion.

Finding the perfect stationery to suit certain occasions is often no mean feat, which is why we at Sarah Lamballe Copywriting adore Honey Tree Publishing, a humble brand specialising in bespoke premium quality stationery products.

Sebastian Galbraith-Helps founded the unique brand in 2008, along with Lizbeth Holstein, who felt frustrated then inspired by the lack of suitable stationery to convey her thanks to loved ones for their kindness and generosity. In just under five years, the brand has come a long way, riding high on the success of their beautiful stationery products.

Whether we need a corporate invitation or something quirkier like a children’s play date card, Honey Tree is the first place we look, as we know we’ll get the product we want. All too often we’ve seen stationery products in shops that whilst lovely, just weren’t quite right. But what’s great about Honey Tree is that you get to design the product you want, by selecting from a range of beautiful illustrations and sumptuous fonts.

We haven’t been familiar with Honey Tree for long, but as soon as we laid eyes on the site, we knew they were something special. Now, whenever a friend has an upcoming occasion that requires stationery to leave a lasting impression, we recommend Honey Tree.



With a penchant for niche and individual fashion and lifestyle products, we enjoy nothing more than escaping into a sartorial blog for style inspiration and ideas. Audrey Rogers of Frassy, a fashion blog and online shop, keeps us inspired with her unique eye for fashion, her ability to stylishly multi-task and her lack of fear to bend the rules.

Style maverick Audrey Rogers of internationally successful blog, Frassy, knows all too well about the importance of individual and expressive style and so her visual posts always get us in the mood to have fun with fashion and think outside the box.

Born in the USA, but currently living in Paris, France, Audrey Rogers has spent her 24 years travelling the globe, having spent her childhood in Ireland and Spain and her student years in England. This seemingly glamorous way of life has certainly transcended into her style, which combines high fashion and luxury goods with innovative and unique products that speak from the heart.

What’s great about Frassy is that she never stops. As well as inspiring her thousands of followers with her unique eye for fashion, Audrey also runs an online shop, Frassy Rags, which sells a wide range of unique but affordable clothing and accessories from all over the world. The visual site also feeds our admiration for photography, with each shot of Audrey’s sartorial efforts shot in gorgeously warm and dewy tones.

Living in a country where high-street chains sadly dominate the market, we at Sarah Lamballe Copywriting increasingly value the importance of niche and bespoke fashion and original and imaginative ways of self-expression. And when we’re stuck for inspiration, Frassy is our first port of call. We’ll see you there!



We’re huge fans of Bella di Notte at Sarah Lamballe Copywriting, such a beautiful collection of thermal underwear made in Italy with lovely detailing. Thanks to founder, Susan Johnson the business has remained a family one inspite of their growing customer base.

Susan’s vision was simple, she wanted to give thermals a new high quality feel in natural fibres. Her collection is up there with the top end lingerie products and her attention to detail is incredible.

It pays to be obsessive about your brand and her insistence on the quality of yarns and family run suppliers in Italy has given her business the success it enjoys today. With such competition on price, she’s stuck with quality and her products feel a luxurious but deserving treat.

We love the pretty satin trims and mother of pearl buttons and they make wonderful gifts. I treated my hardcore team to one each this year and they are delighted. Bella di Notte also has a top secret celebrity following but you’ll have to try one for yourself to see why they love them as much as we do.


GET CUTIE WITH FABRIC - September 2010

Prints are such a quintessential part of British fashion. Designers have flirted with print for decades. Yet season after season they remain hot favourites for everything from garden parties to glamping.

To find such a source of originality so cleanly and simply presented is a real delight and we confidently predict that this is a label to look out for. And not just in the UK.

With two of Lesley's young French friends expecting baby girls, they are already drooling over adorable Blossom Belles fabrics for their first party dresses. Which is your favourite print?

We've signed up for their newsletter and are looking forward to reading more about this very English fashion label.

Great content for fashion, gifts, home and lifestyle brands - catalogues, SEO websites and social media. 


Long may she reign, the Queen of florals, polka dots, candy stripes and all things homespun and lovely, Cath Kidston.

At Sarah Lamballe Copywriting we're big fans of the brand, as we slurp tea from pretty floral mugs that add feel good factor to a day in the office.

This summer especially we've been enjoying content rich email marketing that brings the collection to life with style. Pretty, practical and packing a punch!

We are delighted that the brand is still so popular; every home in Britain has at least something so clearly Cath or an item inspired by her fabulous ditsy designs. From homespun roots, this passion for print has literally taken over the home counties, is spreading its magic across the water to the continent (Katie reports that her French neighbours drool over her floral bits and bobs). Clearly it is a global trend that melds shabby chic, vintage revivalism and a touch of rough luxe. Happily I've always loved peeling paintwork, now the world wants to invest in armoires stuffed with mismatched floral sensations and take tea in the garden on a make-shift table. And why not? Sure, there are plenty of detractors out there who knock the Joules, Boden, Sarah Raven and Cath Kidston vibe and the New Posh crowd that Jenny McCartney refers to rather amusingly as taking charge. It is easy to find it all a little twee. However, I do think we in the creative industries at least should recognise that these brands support what we do in a way that many do not. They celebrate the visual, love the written word, they have generous budgets for marketing, photography, styling, artwork, copywriting, websites and email marketing which means creating jobs, both freelance and inhouse - all good news for the British economy. I'm delighted that the Cath Kidston brand appears to have survived the overkill and copycats sprouting floral wings in every direction. And not only that, but been able to realise something from it by selling to investors whilst retaining a UK stake. So as it seems that summer might finally be arriving, why not lay that old garden table with pretty china, slip into a swishy print skirt - incredibly flattering - and soak up some simple pleasures in celebration of what a British lifestyle brand can achieve from such humble beginnings. 



A great piece of email marketing from Boden last week introduced me to this fun, online tool for creating your own fashionable outfits. is used by Boden (and other retailers) to help customers visualise an outfit before they buy.

Like the back of a Bunty comic but without the palaver of fiddly cut outs and tabs, it's a useful addition to women's online fashion shopping. There are recommended outfits and top picks but the fun bit is piecing together your own look from accessories, coats & jackets, dresses, knitwear, shirts, shoes & boots, shorts, skirts, swimwear, tops & t-shirts, trousers & jeans, tunics and leggings. I really enjoyed creating different dress/tunic/legging combos where the length is key to success. Whilst not perfect, (note the tiptoe stance with these flats - necessary for showing heels too) it genuinely does work to give you an idea of how it might all look together.

My chosen outfit comes in at £209 which is far more than I would contemplate in real life, but I love that jacket. If you're really looking to buy you can filter results by colour, price and brand which will be awesome when there's more choice than just Boden, Next and French Connection.

Mix Match Me's About Us page says that if you are a cool clothing brand they'd love to hear from you. So please lovely clients, online fashion and accessory retailers, put a little more in our dressing up box, won't you?


I love to see tradition moving with the times and Brora is one of my favourites. While you’ll still find plenty of that delightful Scottish cashmere, their latest lines have a distinctly vintage appeal. An artistic eye gives design and photography bags of glamour with international appeal. This beautiful Italian silk dress is case in point. A soft A-line creates an antiqued look with the edge you don't get from Boden et al. Love the subtlety of the print and mother of pearl detailing. Even more impressively, Brora, still almost exclusively manufactures in the UK using a skilled workforce. And that rocks.

Ethics and elegance all wrapped up in cashmere – that's a brand I could find it easy to discover a soft spot for. Couldn't you?


STUCK ON YOU - February 2010

Wall stickers – add a little French Flair to your home.
We’ve all been there, you revamp a room in the moment’s understated slushy palettes à la Farrow and Ball and your chalky looking backdrop warrants a masterpiece to finish it off. All very well if you have the budget or a stately home, if you don’t, wall stickers could be just the ticket. Deco Stickers is a genius little business run by a French Native so this wall art is full of Parisian flair. I’m already head over heels with their colourful Birds Wallborder and am searching my home for the perfect place to put it. Still not convinced? If I told you these stickers come from the stylish workspace of top French designers would you be swayed? Most of the collection is sourced using designs from France and beyond and while the collection offers pretty much something for everyone you can also ask for the colours and size to be tailored to your project. So swish up your country study with a striking leaves frieze or pourquoi pas add a chic urban skyline to your city loft space?


VISUAL EMAIL TREAT - November 2009

Exclusives. You can search high and low, but you'll only find these here at Urban Outfitters.

So says the simple and beautifully designed email from Urban Outfitters. Beneath links to Women's Men's and Cameras is a visually merchandised montage of stunning prints, textures and up close details of what they have in store. Then follows a link to their music stream, tiny but visually clear links to PayPal, ship to UK & Europe and the chance to share on Facebook and Twitter. 

Neatly followed by links to Find Your Nearest Store:

It's such a pleasure to see a multi-channel fashion retailer doing something other than the now established Grazia, Net, Asos email blueprint which was fresh at first but now a little predictable to say the least. 

And all without words...well that's not strictly true. The few that are chosen say it all, sparingly, stylishly, allowing the customer to navigate quickly and cleanly. Best of all apostrophes are in place! How that gladdens this copywriter's heart.


I have been writing copy for Christmas gifts my whole career. By the time Christmas comes along I'm generally all gifted out. Occasionally a product comes along that stops me in my tracks with such freshness and originality that I dump the keyword research to fill my online shopping basket.

All of this goes to prove that even to industry savvy professaionals, we're in the business of selling the dream, we market the aspiration - especially in the luxury goods arena. Fabulous shots of handmade silk knickers make me want them with a passion. I may even undertake an extra bike ride or power walk in pursuit of the perfect peach.

Q: Will my bum look big in this? A: Almost definitely, but the lure of lovely shots, luxurious fabrics and exquisite finishing could very easily lure me into a purchase anyway, couldn't it you?


I've used ghd styling irons for many years. So many in fact that it was before you could buy them instore or online - you had to get your lovely hairdresser to get you some direct from ghd or his stockist.(Thanks Reece). Now you can get all manner of salon products like TiGi, L'Oreal, Kerastase and, of course, ghd, delivered direct to your door. Although my ghds are still perfect, I really rather fancy these ghd Rare Limited Edition IV styling irons. Don't you?


I've always had a think for green. Perhaps because of my eyes. Green eyed gals really do suit the colour best and I simply must have this bias cut porcelain silk slip. A snip at just £69.

Lazeme is a real find for the discerning home shopper. Lots of luxury brands selected by a lady of impeccable taste with superb customer service and genuine attention to detail. A virtual take on boutique shopping to pamper and delight you with an array of gifts at prices that will surprise you.

WONDERFUL WORDLE - December 2008

As a wordsmith I love Wordle, a fun online resource. As well as being fabulously addictive, you can create Wordles as a great test of your brand and see what they reveal about your tone of voice. Scramble your blog and see how your keywords hold up. Which words leap off the page? What does your Wordle say about your brand? Best of all, you can do whatever you like with the results - wall art, t-shirts, screensavers - as long as you credit Wordle, and they deserve it. It's so easy and such fun. (This is the Wordle it created from my Copywriting Blog in my chosen colour scheme, but there are loads of others to choose from. I promise you'll find one that's SO you!


Fashionable, affordable, colourful and quirky. Joules AW08 collection will delight brand devotees and attract lots of new fans. I've seen it all, tried on quite a few pieces and am bowled over by the quality. For me the cashmere and tweeds are amazing highlights and the kids collection quite possibly the cutest ever. Now my daughter has discovered Joules, I'm going to have to start hiding the catalogue!

SEO TRAINING - August 2008

Running a small copywriting business in rural Lincolnshire means I have been able to take advantage of some superb training opportunities with the ebusiness club run by Business Link. Today I attended an excellent Google Breakfast Briefing delivered by Sue Hallam. Earlier this month I attended a full day Advanced Search Engine Optimisation and Web 2.0 action planning workshop presented by Ian Lockwood. The quality, content and web marketing expertise of both was exceptional and far beyond what I have come across in the private sector. Its so exciting for the region to be able to put this new SEO expertise to work for our businesses and those of our clients. A big thank you to the dynamic David Hawkins from West Lindsey Business Link who signposted me towards these enviable training opportunities.


The new knitwear in Isabella Oliver’s maternity collection is sensational. Pregnant or not you’ll love its luxurious touch. There's so much to delight in the new range, with fabulous textures and flattering shapes. The new lingerie and luxe tights have aloe vera so moisture and soothe your skin as you wear them. I love the way this brand innovates. And most exciting of all the 365 Collection is promised for 2009. At lastIsabella Oliver for devoted fans who've moved beyond the baby days. Can't wait! Just click on the link to Isabella Oliver Maternitywear site to shop the new collection.


For chic boutique shopping Plumo is hard to beat. Especially with so many pieces of gorgeousness available online. Love the look of the new image of Autumn on a recent email. Berets are set to be big news - so make sure you sign up for previews and autumn launch.


If you're in the Lincolnshire Wolds on Sunday July 20th make sure you pop along to the Lincolnshire Living Fayre in Tealby Village Hall. It's the 3rd year Sarah and Lisa from Attica Design have organised this really charming event devoted to beautiful and exclusive rural crafts. Each year gets better with more local arty crafty types and fabulous local food producers showcasing wholesome ideas for you, your home and garden. Tealby is a beautiful village, well worth a visit and the Village Hall is set on a roomy green so there's plenty of space for little ones to run around and there's even Face Painting to keep them entertained. Sample delicious local foods at the fayre and in local pubs and tearooms and best of all, the event is FREE to enter, so why not save the date in your diary and arrange to bring a few friends?


As an e-commerce copywriter I subscribe to lots of email newsletters. And to be honest few impress me or compel me to click. That was until the vibrant jewel-toned 'Mulberry in Bloom' email burst into my inbox. With its delicious sketch and minimal copy introducing The Miltons and The Leighs I couldn't wait to find out more. A visit to the site continues to delight as the same tree takes shape simply and speedily. The tree was the original sketch for the May Bond Street window by one of the McQueens' florists working on the Mulberry Space collaboration. That's multi-channel marketing at its best and clever creative thinkers at Mulberry knowing a gorgeously good idea when they see one. The window has now been taken down for the June phase of Mulberry Space (2008 sees Mulberry collaborate with artists, designers, florists, cake makers and kids to use the Bond Street window as gallery space) and is always worth a visit. Meanwhile my much loved magical tree, deliciously ripe with arm candy, is still part of the home page and you can click on any of these tempting fruit to shop the season's obsession-worthy collection. If you'd like to see Mulberry's May Bond Street window, just visit my Blog. One of those clever creative thinkers at Mulberry was kind enough to send me a picture. I wish more e and retailers would think this big.


One of a handful of gorgeously embellished kaftans and sarongs from exciting new online e-tailer Lazeme. Handmade in Morocco in a choice of pale pink, fuschia and sky blue, I just love this laidback look from Mistique, dressed up with chocolate embroidery at the neck, hem and sexy split cuffs. Whilst you're in the holiday mood, dip into Lazeme's beautiful bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits, beachwear and accessories.

You'll find flattering designs from both established and new brands all based around a clever concept of a woman's rare 'laze me' times. Writing fashion and lifestyle copy for the UK's leading retailers leaves little 'me' time as you can imagine. But if it did, I would definitely spend it lounging in Lazeme's lovely collection for beach, boudoir and beautiful home at such refreshingly affordable prices.


I met Gemma Lister at a friend's wedding a few years ago. Looking back she reminds me of Duffy - but that was before Duffy so she's definitely got her own unique style! Anyway we got chatting after I admired her chunky gold bauble necklace. Needless to say it was one of her own designs. Since then loads of her work has been featured in fashion magazines, national press and seen on celebs about town. Every season she comes up with something really new and fresh. I especially love the new Pearly Queen and Sailor Chic collections which you can see and buy via her quirky website. The big time definitely beckons.


If you're looking to refresh your company's PR talk to Smith & Monger, a new breed of Specialist PR & Marketing Consultancy that aims to bridge the gap between the big guys and niche agencies.

Created to give clients the craftsmanship of the 'smith' and the hard graft of the 'monger', their unique approach is ideal for genuine multi channel retailers and those looking to generate good online PR. Smith & Monger's client list is already impressive and includes luxury travel, fashion & beauty and drinks brands. Based in London, they'd love to talk to you and see if they can add value to your business. In the first instance, speak to Richard Lamballe, or if you'd like a personal introduction please call me. He's my brother.

RURAL SHOP - March 2008

Copywriting for the UK's biggest companies is like being a kid in a sweet shop. I work to such long lead times that by the time a catalogue is printed or products are online I've moved on to the next season of gorgeousness. That's why I'm still a fan of retail. We're lucky that in our little corner of Lincolnshire - literally next door - stylish entrepreneurs, Sarah and Lisa, have converted a redundant butcher's shop into a quaint gift store. Attica Design is an emporium of beautiful things. Visual merchandising changes daily, with garden and homewares displayed outdoors to stunning effect. It's the perfect pop-in to grab a card or gift for friends' birthdays and still get them in the post at short notice. Attica Design will also host house parties, styling your home with their hallmark scented candles, clocks, gifts, scarves, jewellery, lanterns, prints and so much more. They pay commission for the hostess, so I'm now the proud owner of a huge sage green Thomas Kent wall clock - all for a few nibbles and glasses of wine with the girls! If you've ever in Tealby do pop in to Attica, you're assured of a really warm welcome and I guarantee you'll leave with something fab for very little cost.

STYLING - February 2008

It has been pure pleasure to write the copy for Joules Spring Summer 2008 season. Not only are the clothes fabulous, colour-rich and fun inspiring strong copy that's true to brand. But the models, photography, and fabulously atmospheric styling conveys the sense of a uniquely British summer before you've even read a word, making my job so much easier.

GIFT - December 2007

As a mail order copywriter of 15 years I love home shopping but I'm hard to impress. Until I found Selina Scott socks. Fuss-free service, amazing product. I bought Golf Socks for my dad, Shooting Socks for my father in law and send some Walking Socks to my cherished freelancer overseas, without a hiccup, costly postage or over the top packaging. All are made with mohair from Selina's own herd in North Yorkshire and processed in a thoughtful and sustainable way as the great copywriting on the site explains.

PRODUCT - December 2007

I love Isabella Oliver's whole Autumn Winter collection. Some fab tops and amazing coats and jackets. Bue one of the highlights for pregnant women everywhere is the knitwear. Soft, luxurious and incredibly flattering. Now the weather's finally turned chilly, you can indulge in luxury yarns and sumptuous layers!


CATALOGUE - November 2007

I love Autumn Winter at Joules and Joules kids too. Their clever way with styling this season is truly inspired and all the accessories make great Christmas gift and a truly wonderful winter look

PHOTOGRAPHER - November 2007

Here in Lincolnshire we're so lucky to have a photographer of the calibre of Michael Powell in our midst. Voted Arts Photographer of the Year twice, and with a Nikon Press Award to his name, MIke has finally brought his 25 years' experience on national press, including 10 years with The Times, to nearby Caistor where he has opened a studio and gallery. He hosted a fabulous launch night recently revealing his innate talent for portraiture as this delightfully informal shot shows. Visit his site to see more of his work, specialising in Food, Portraiture - he's photographed eveyone from Judy Dench to Pavarotti, and my personal favourite a captivating shot of Charlie Watts. He still undertakes Press commissions and Weddings where his original reportage style is so refreshing. At the new studio you can book a sitting for individuals, couples or family groups and return to choose from a stunning range of prints and canvases in very pleasant surroundings. For any mail order companies thinking of updating your inside front cover shots of owners and buyers I'd thoroughly recommend talking to Mike to get something really fresh and unique. Call or email me, if you'd like a personal introduction.

SHOP - July 2007

The lovely thing about living in Lincolnshire is that so many great traditions remain unchanged. One of my favourite places to shop is Leaning's of Tealby just up the road from my office. You are assured of a warm welcome from Ian who makes the most wonderful Lincolnshire sausages to the same authentic recipe since 1860. The shop is pretty much unchanged too, so well worth a visit. Or if you want a real Taste of Lincolnshire delivered to your door you can buy them online or call Ian for a chat on 01673 838205 to find out a bit more about their considerable reputation.

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